Automate. You’re busy. You’re life is busy. You’ve got kids to feed, job to crush, workouts to annihilate, spouse to think about, family members to remember, dogs/cats to feed, bills to pay, Facebook status to update, friends to see, meals to plan, etc, etc. How are there enough hours in the day to do half of what you could put on your “To-Do” list every single day? Usually things tend to get neglected. If you’re anything like me, bills get pushed to the last minute, my wife unfortunately gets little of my personal time, kids…what kids?, and I’m scrambling in the morning trying to figure out my clothes, my lunch, and get out the door. Then I get to work and run through a similar reactive scenario throughout the day.
The key is to prioritize, what are the important things that I really want to get done? I want to make sure I can see my wife in the evenings after the kids are down. I want to spend time with my girls and be able to participate in their after-school activities. In order to make time for those things most important to you, you must automate! Make all other areas of your life super boring and predictable. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt, jeans, and sweatshirt nearly everyday. Steve jobs had the now iconic black turtleneck, jeans, sneakers, and glasses. Figure out a method to put your clothes out every night. Eat the same boring (well-balanced) breakfast every morning. Pack or eat the same lunch every work day. Before you leave work each day write down your 3 priorities for the next day so that you aren’t completely reactive the entire work day. Plan your workouts in advance so you can knock those out without getting stuck in the boredom of “what should I do at the gym today?”.
If you automate the unimportant it allows you to focus on the important. And I guarantee you will find more hours in the day to focus on what is important to you.
What are some areas in your life that you can automate?



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