Learn something new

So this weekend I had finished my honey-do list, worked out, did what I needed to do for work and had things ready for the week.  But it was 2pm on Sunday and I wasn’t sure what to do for myself.  As I was wondering through my bedroom, trying to look busy, I stumbled across my set of juggling balls.  It reminded me, that there is zero reason to be bored, zero.  I still have nightmares about Mr. Bennett’s PE class in elementary school and trying to juggle those damned scarves. It was a skill I had given up on in 3rd grade.  Until I ready The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss.  It reminded me that we can still learn new things.  I watched a video he referenced and picked it up in no time.  Now, it’s a silly skill to be sure, but my kids love it, I felt an odd sense of accomplishment, and it was fun.  Recently my wife learned to French braid our girls hair.  She had a similar sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Don’t be bored.  Learn a new skill and practice it every day, then learn another.  It’s so important to broaden your horizons and I think you’ll feel an odd sense of accomplishment that you haven’t felt since you were in elementary school, before you’d given up on yourself and before you’d given yourself limitations.  You used to think you’d be the action star in the movie, that you’d be the all-knowing teacher, that you’d be the next Mister Wizard.  Plus, it’s fun and a nice cocktail party trick.

Next time you’re bored:

  • YouTube some skill you’ve always wanted to learn
  • Learn to say hello in a new language
  • Learn a quick and easy magic trick
  • Click this link to see a list of skills with tips for learn skills quickly and easy

Learn something new by the end of next weekend let me know what you’ve learned!  Happy skill hunting.


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