Be Level 10

The one book that I read last year that I’ve recommended to others more than any other book up to that point is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.  I read about morning routines all the time and had my own version of a morning routine that I was happy with so I really wasn’t expecting much from this book.  This book simplified and put into words a morning routine that I now crave and look forward to every night.  His simple SAVERS acronym is so simple but that’s the beauty of it and what made it so good for me.  I will get in to what the acronym means in a bit, but the other part of this book that struck a chord with me is the idea of being “Level 10” in all the important areas of your life.  I go in spurts in life and will focus on being a great athlete, or a great employee, or a great parent, or a great husband but when I focus on one I tend to not focus on the other areas.  It’s like I’d either give up or get bored with one area of my life and focus on another area.  We’ve all got the capacity and energy to be Level 10 in all these areas if we focus and get our minds wrapped around that idea.  It centers around the concept of taking the time to do the SAVERS, could be 20 minutes, or 2 hours, depends on how you wish to structure it but bey sticking to the principles it puts you in the position to be able to handle it.  I love it.


  • Silence – meditation or prayer
  • Affirmations – saying them out loud to yourself (he’s got some you can borrow)
  • Visualization – The “The Secret”
  • Excercise – run, yoga, P90X
  • Read – find a good “self-improvement” book, Bible, or something to edify you
  • Scribe – write, journal, blog

I highly recommend the book.  You can buy it here if you’d like.


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