Take responsibility for EVERYTHING

If you’re like me you heard it as a kid and heard it throughout the teenage years, “Take responsibility for your actions.”  In hindsight it is great advice, and even then I’m thankful because I was able to grasp the idea of taking responsibility for my actions. It wasn’t until my mid-30s though that I fully realized what it means to take responsibility for EVERYTHING. I think I first heard it from something Gary Vaynerchuk said when talking about even being responsible when an employee was unhappy. I had to ponder that for a while. As a business owner could I really be responsible for an employee being miserable?  Wasn’t that them not taking responsibility and being a good employee?  After wrestling with this thought for some time I realized that yes, I am responsible. I hired this person. I gave them a position that I thought would help my business. I created the office environment. They should be an asset to my business and I didn’t do something right if I chose to invest time and money into that asset and they aren’t performing. 

This revelation has honestly transformed much of my life, both in business and at home. It’s a powerful feeling when you take responsibility and ownership for everything. If my wife isn’t feeling content, if my children are acting out, if my finances aren’t where I want them to be, take a step back and own it!  All of these things are on me. The empowering feeling that comes from this is that you’re not helpless and you do matter!  So start taking responsibility in all aspects of your life, including your emotional state!  You are responsible!  Now take action to fix areas that need fixing, you’ve got this!


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