Don’t live the life you grew up living

Many of you are reading this and thinking that you that you grew up in a great household with great parents and wouldn’t trade your life for the world.  Some of you will say that you grew up with a very difficult childhood and you want to change the direction of your life’s path.  Others won’t get what this means because they never really thought about the direction of their life.  I was one that, for most of my life, never thought about my life and kind of just lived.  I knew I had a great home life that I grew up in.  I had parents that loved me and did their best to teach me right and wrong and to love family and others less fortunate.  Admittedly, a great childhood.  One of the only downsides of that life is that I never took life very seriously and never thought about my own views on religion, politics, working, philosophy, nothing.  And nothing in the school system I grew up in did anything to change that.  I knew how to pass tests and had a typical American work ethic – work hard enough to get by and not be noticed.  When I came of age I voted Republican, they’re right about everything.  I went to church, because that’s where the good people are.  I got a job and went to work on time and did what was asked of me until it was quitting time.  All of these good traits that I don’t blame my parents for.  They determined for themselves which party they typically chose to side with.  They found church as something that was important to their value system.  They valued work ethic and being timely.  And they taught me those same things.  Only problem is that I never really thought about these things for myself.  I wasn’t living life with intention.  I was living life on habit.

I just got back from a Libertarian Party meeting, and have been pondering what it means to live a life of intention.  I think that the reason Ron Paul was attractive to people.  Why Bernie Sanders is putting up much more of a fight than anyone had expected.  The reason Ted Cruz is amongst the top of the top of the Republican contenders.  Regardless of how you feel about their politics, they have a basic philosophy they stand behind.  If any of them are asked a question about their stance on a particular divisive topic you will likely know their stance.  Because they have a philosophy that they stand for and that’s attractive to the common voter.  It’s only been in the last 7 years or so that I’ve solidified my stances on religion, politics, family, social issues, etc. It was through much effort and a lot of digging and taking “wrong” turns here and there until I found ideas that were truly mine and are now my “north star” whenever I need some direction on any issue.

I encourage you.  Take time to find your voice, your philosophy, your take on politics.  These things matter.  And you’ll find freedom in that.  And it’s evolving, don’t get stuck in your ways out of habit.  Keep searching for your truth.


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