Sitting is the new gluten

It’s become all the rage as of late, and after my experience, for good reason.  If you’re like many white collar workers you spend hours upon hours sitting at a desk on your computer.  The internet has been such a revolutionary tool and has allowed us to be very productive, connected, and distracted, all at a pace that until the last 20 years we have never experienced in human evolution.  That also means many of us rely on a computer to do our jobs and to do it well.  The downside, pardon the pun, to this revolution is that we typically spend much of our day sitting at a desk, often not thinking about our posture, which turns into poor posture very quickly.  When I sat at my desk I would constantly find myself needing to stand up, do the move where you pull your shoulder blades together and feel that “pop” in your sternum, the move that feels so good.  But I was also finding my traps being tight and fatigued and of course the lower back.  My lower back hated my chair more than I did.  It wasn’t until I started reading more and more about these standup desks and even treadmill desks that I began to think of an alternative.  Coincide that with my increase in training and how I began to feel and notice every muscle fiber more than ever before.  That’s when I realized I needed a change.

Standup desk has changed my life.  I recommend it for anyone working a desk job.  There is a bunch of science to back up this statement, but who’s got time for science and facts.  My experience tells me that it’s made all the difference in how I feel at the end of a day and the end of a week.  By back doesn’t hurt.  My posture is much better (I’ve included a link to help you with making sure your posture is correct with a standup desk) and I’ve got energy at the end of the day.  Plus you burn more calories :).  I’ve got a couple of tips.  I built my own desk because , for starters they can be super expensive, I wanted the standup portion for the bulk of my work but I found that when I really needed to focus or get creative that I still prefer to sit down.


Please don’t judge the mess.

I recommend getting an ergo mat to stand on and try to go barefoot or with socks, you’ll feel the difference.  I’ve got a lacrosse ball that I roll my foot with that feels amazing.  If you just want to modify your existing desk into a standup desk please click the link below for a very affordable and awesome option.

Anyway, give it a try and please take a look at Standup Kids as a charity to support because I think kids would thrive by using a standup desk as well.

Happy standing.

$24 dollar stand-up option:

Proper height calculator:

Standup Kids:


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