Today’s Gratitude: Family

Today my parents and brother make the long drive back to Boise.  They drove out here for a 4 day trip, pulling a U-Haul trailer bringing us a 100+year old family bed for my daughter, a Christmas present for my wife that my brother designed, welded and built.  My dad made several loads back and forth to the nursery hauling topsoil for our gardens.  Plus, we did all of the Easter weekend stuff.  Huge dinner my wife made, most from scratch, playing in the yard and at the park with the kids, church, painting eggs, etc.  As they make the 9 hour drive back to Boise I am awestruck by how lucky and fortunate I am.  To be born into this family that supports each other at every turn.  My sister would have made the trip as well but she was just out here recently visiting and helping with the girls.

As I raise these two girls, I hope and pray that they look back and remember their childhoods fondly and know that they are loved no matter what.  And of course it starts at the top with my wife and I.  My other hope and prayer is that my wife and I show the girls what love is all about with each other and with them.  Family is tough some times.  There are peaks and valleys.  When I look up pictures of families for this post all were 4-5 people hugging each other in green fields and sun shining.  There are certainly those times but what I find most comforting are the times just sitting around and being comfortable.  Knowing I’m loved.  Knowing that noone needs to say anything, we can simply just be.  I love my family more than anything in this life and I hope that others out there can say the same.  I also know that people are fallible and not all families are able to get past some hurts or disruption in their family.  Please try, and if you cannot, then work to provide that love and family for your spouse, children, etc.  Having family to rely on is the best thing you can offer to a child.

This was a bit of a ramble but my heart is so filled and content that I had to share.

I love my family and my hope is that my future family will have the same sense of gratitude and contentment I have.


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