Competition sometimes gets a bad reputation.  The older we get the more we look at competition as a negative.  There’s a feeling that we’ve got nothing to prove.  And often it’s based on good intentions.  We know who we are so there’s no reason to go out and “prove” something.  Or, especially if it’s relational competition, we try to avoid the drama because it feels like high school all over again.  And certainly there can be cases where competition is unnecessary and should be avoided.  Competition, in the right context, is not only valuable, it’s vital.  I truly believe that.  Without competition of some sort, we don’t become the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Competition is the thing that gets us out of bed earlier in the morning to train for that race, or prepare for the client, or write that bestseller.  It’s the motivation that gets us to become better than the person we were yesterday.  We can be at competition with ourselves.  Am I a better man, husband, father, business man today than I was yesterday?  If not, then what value am I providing.  I can be better and I should be better.  If you look in the mirror in the morning and don’t like what you see, use one of the most powerful tools in the weight loss world, competition.  Find someone else to join you or to hold you accountable and make sure there’s a consequence.  If you don’t drop that 20 pounds by May then I will mow your lawn or clean your house for the entire month.  It’s proven.  Competition works.

I know that since I started getting into obstacle racing my physical fitness has gotten better than it’s ever been.  There are days when I don’t want to get up and train, but I know that I’ve got a race coming up and I am bound and determined to leave everything on the race course and I want that podium!  Maybe for you, it’s being better in business than your competition down the road.  Maybe it’s losing the spare tire.  Or it’s being a better friend, person, human being.  Whatever it is, find someway to set stakes and make it a competition.  Don’t compete with someone that doesn’t know they are competing with you.  Make it fun.  Make it be something that you’ll enjoy and want to keep doing over and over again because the net benefit made you better.

Be a better human.


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