I grew up listening to music.  Like many teenagers, when they are first able to drive, as soon as I turned my ignition to start the car the stereo would automatically fill the air with the classic rock legends of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or AC/DC.  No, I’m not that old, I was just super into classic rock.  I remember when audio cassettes, then CDs (yes, I am old enough to have used cassettes), that played books on tape.  Oh man, have audiobooks come a long way since those days.  The monotone voice, or the monotone voice trying way too hard to bring life to the book, man were they boring.  It wasn’t until my mid to late 20s that I discovered talk radio.  At that period in my life it was Rush Limbaugh and/or Sean Hannity (don’t judge), NPR still put me to sleep while driving, which is not good.  Since then, with the advent of podcasts and audiobooks that are of excellent quality, the audio game is strong!

If you haven’t had a chance to explore podcasts yet, I very highly recommend it.  I will post a few of my favorites and would love to hear some of yours.  I recommend going to your podcast app store and checking out the popular podcasts and giving them a try.  I almost guarantee there is a podcast out there for whatever you are into.  And apps, like, have an amazing selection of audiobooks that are very well produced.  I am a runner and I find that when I have a good audiobook, like Born to Run, that my mileage increases until I finish the book because I will find any excuse to put the earbuds in and listen.  If you find yourself stuck in traffic on a near daily basis or if you’re a runner and have your earbuds in for an hour at a time, don’t waste it!  It’s a great chance to learn something new, improve yourself, catch the daily news, be more informed, etc.  And you will actually stay awake!  Don’t waste that time sitting in traffic listening to Katy Perry.  Make the most of it and treat it as an amazing opportunity to be by yourself and learn and make yourself into a better human!

Recommended podcasts:

  • Serial
  • This Morning with Gordon Deal (great 30 minute news podcast)
  • Ten Minute Podcast (only 10 minutes and it’s funny, my guilty pleasure)
  • Hardcore History/Common Sense with Dan Carlin – His history show will blow you away
  • Tim Ferris Show
  • Adam Carolla Show
  • School of Greatness

Infinitely more, but I would love to hear what you listen to.  Please comment with your favorites!


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