What if you were a stock?

Had lunch today with a good friend of mine.  He brought the idea to me of thinking about one another as a stock.  If either of us were a stock and we went public and people had a chance to invest in you would you be a good stock pick?  We could get into investments as personality types, like if you’re a bond you are someone that is dependable and not a lot of growth, or decline, but provide that stable value for people, and people that are small cap stocks are difficult to predict, they could be the next Steve Jobs one minute then fall from grace the next minute.  But let’s ignore that conversation for this hypothetical.  If you were a stock in this example, would you appreciate in value (Apple), depreciate in value (Valeant), or hover along that same price for years and years and years (i.e. Microsoft)?  They way I look at it, people can depreciate in value.  You see it all the time.  They get caught up in the mundane, or the destructive, and cease providing value to humanity, much less themselves.  They aren’t only not growing as a person they are “takers” in society and tend to bring others down with them in their drama.  People call also stagnate.  Many, many people fall into this category.  They do what they do, and not much else in terms of growth.  They go to work, they work hard (sometimes), they come home, take care of basic responsibilities, and repeat.  They may be fun to be around, they may be a bore, but they aren’t growing.  They aren’t pushing outside their comfort zones.  They choose Safety over Significance.  Then there is the appreciating stock.  This is the person that is growing and becoming for of a valuable human being for themselves, people around them, and humanity.  This is people that strive for more and aren’t content at the price they were valued at by others.  They have to low P/E and know they’re worth a better price.  They are daily making choices to become better and more valuable.

So the question is: What type of stock are you and how would you be valued?


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