Take Action

It’s always important to take a step back and strategize, set goals, prioritize and figure out what you value, where you are and where you want to go.  Those things are very very important and shouldn’t be minimized.  The trap I’ve always fallen into is taking action on the low hanging fruit and putting off the grander ideas or actions.  It’s easy, and it’s easy to feel a sense of accomplishment by crossing those items off of the “to-do” list.  Where I’ve gotten stuck in the past is not believing in myself enough and/or finding a reason to put off taking massive action on more important action items.  And it is still a struggle, because I think we are always, or should always, be trying to find the max of our potential and realizing that potential.  The easiest place for me to see this is in my work.  I can sit back and do the mundane.  Things that need to get done, things that I enjoy, but relatively low risk of failure and rejection.  They are tasks that don’t stretch me or put me out of my comfort zone, so I am not seeking to find my maximum potential when I take action on these items.  It’s easy to do the mundane and rely on others to take the massive action.  It’s much more stretching to take on those tasks yourself, to stretch your capacity and your potential.  To risk being rejected and/or failing.

Where I’ve gotten stuck is in the planning.  “Hey, we should consider this.” “I wonder what our clients will think or what they want.” While planning is important and should be done in any business at some point you have to take responsibility yourself and just take action.  Evaluate the negative consequence if your action fails and odds are it’s not that bad, especially vs. the potential gain.  The satisfaction received from taking the action is enormous.  Taking action vs getting stuck in the planning phase will solve a lot of problems and will make the planning easier and more clear over time because you’ll know what works and doesn’t work because you’ve taken action. While you must take into consideration the thoughts and opinions of the collective, you also need to take personal responsibility and do it because others are often in the same spot you are/were.  They’re wanting someone to take some sort of action.  You be that someone.  Take the action.

Be a better human.

By the way, this is very applicable to our personal lives as well.  Take responsibility and take actions.



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