Find your North Star

It’s easy to skate through life.  Get lost in the pattern and routine of day to day life.  Your life isn’t meant to live in the mundane.  It’s not something to be lived in the predictable.  In order to find a true direction in this life it’s important to find that North Star.  Like the sailors and trappers back, before Google Maps, they had to rely on the finding the North Star to guide their path.  To get to the destination they were headed they had to use that landmark as steadfast, true north to help guide their course.

It is vitally important, in our lives, to take that step back on a daily or near daily basis to find out what our true north is.  What is your North Star?  What philosophy can you stand behind when it comes to politics, education, marriage, religion, parenting, etc?  One of the things that drives people crazy during presidential elections like we are seeing right now is that most of these top contenders have not true North Star.  They say what they need say to get elected.  You wonder what their answers will be on a debate topic because you don’t know what they will say to appease the people of that state.  Don’t be like those politicians.  Have a true North.  And if you’re not sure what your North Star is regarding a certain topic take the time to discover it.  It makes decision making infinitely easier and allows you to focus on what’s truly important to you.

Be a better human.


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