Sleep – I don’t get it

I get it.  Sleep is important.  It’s very important.  A good night’s sleep will make the day that much better.  It will make our workouts infinitely better.  We have more patience, we make better dietary choice, we make better moral choices.  We tend to be overall better people when we get a good night’s sleep.  It’s important and something I think we can all understand.  What I don’t get is all the studies now about sleep.  Everyone I know has something they wear on their wrist that tracks their sleep.  The podcasts I listen to have guests that talk about ways to “hack” their sleep.  Ariana Huffington has recently written an entire book about sleep.  Help me out here (and please comment if you have any insight), what’s the big deal!?

Huffington worked her tail off when she was building her Huffington Post business.  Most of the people talking about sleep these days seem to be people that didn’t sleep much when building their businesses.  Now they focus on sleep “science”.  In my opinion, when you are stressed, when you are building a business, if you drank coffee way too late in the evening, then you won’t sleep as much!  You may not function as well as you’d like the next day but you’ve made the determination that getting the work done was more important than the 3 hours of extra sleep.  When you’re more relaxed, when you’re in a better position with stress, you sleep better.  It’s the way it is.  There are certainly some great strategies out there to make sure you work smarter so you’re not staying up so late, or ways to decompress in the evenings to help reduce stress.  But sometimes there’s not.  There are seasons when sleep is a luxury that is out of grasp.  If you struggle with sleep.  Look into strategies to decompress but don’t lose sleep over wondering why you’re not sleeping more, you will.  Just like with anything else, if you’re not able to sleep at night just look into what you can do the hours preceding bedtime and be intentional.  Otherwise, keep working hard, workout hard, and sleep when you can.

Sorry for the rant and please feel free to enlighten me if you think I am way off base.


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