Don’t let Friday stop your momentum

It’s Friday.  Time to recognize the work you put in during the week.  We’ve been getting up early, staying up late, running to kids events, going to meetings, working out, and hopefully meditating, reading, journaling, and bettering ourselves.

Don’t let Friday stop the momentum.  Celebrate that you may not need to do some of the things you don’t particularly enjoy during the workweek but don’t get it stop you from becoming better.

Momentum is a powerful force.  Keep the momentum of bettering yourself moving in the right direction.  Get up early, do your morning routine of meditation, working out, journaling, reading, etc.  Otherwise you’ve got to counteract the momentum shift the other way come Monday morning.  Don’t let two days of not bettering yourself because the power behind momentum is that once it gets moving it requires less energy to keep it moving.  If you stop every 5 days for 2 days of stagnation then you’ve got to exert much more effort to keep the ball rolling.

Enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend.  Keep becoming better!


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