Newest addiction – The cold shower

“Why? Why would you forgo the hot morning shower to start your day?”  That morning shower is one of life’s least recognized luxuries.  It’s a time when you get to escape the madness of the morning routine, everyone getting ready for school and/or work.  You get to turn on that hot shower and experience a few moments of solitary bliss.  I love my morning showers, only now instead of turning the water all the way to the left, I just barely turn the knob so that it’s the coldest water possible out of my shower.  And I look forward to it every morning!  I was challenged last month to give it a try by blogger, Ben Greenfield (  First time I tried, I maybe made it 1 excruciating minute.  Next time, 3 minutes, and was shivering for a couple hours after the fact.  Next time, I made it 5 minutes and I’ve taken a cold shower every morning since.  My goal for the month of May is to go all month taking cold showers only.

They say there are many health benefits to cold showers like, better for hair and skin, increases immunity, stimulates weight loss, increases testosterone, drains the lymphatic system (whatever that is), and helps with muscle recovery.  That all may be true, all I know is that I love the feeling afterward.  I now look forward to that cold shivering after a shower.  Having to focus on my breathing during the shower to try to keep from shivering.  I love the exhilarating moment when you first step into that cold water, it reminds me of the refreshing feeling you get when you jump into a cold river on a hot summer day.  I can’t vouch for the science of it, but I absolutely love my cold showers.  Plus, it’s that whole “get comfortable being uncomfortable” thing.

I encourage you all to give it a try.  Try it for at least two weeks and see how it goes.  I’m guessing you will not only get used to it but you will end up loving it.


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  1. I need to work my way up also lol I always find I can’t keep the water cold more than a minute. The cold water actually stimulates production of norepinephrine which is released due to a stress on the body. It’s the fight or flight response. That makes you feel super good and alert after the cold shower. I’ve also heard about all of the benefits of it. I may have to give it a go now. Great post!

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    1. joegates52 says:

      Thank you for that info, good to know that science backs up the health benefits. I definitely feel great and more alert after the shower. Keep working on it, focus on breathing during the shower to help you tolerate it.

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