You matter

It’s looking like the final two are set for the general election.  Only problem…most people don’t like the two options we are given.  We live in the best country in the world.  One in which people gave their lives to establish and defend.  We don’t have just two candidates, we have many candidates, and your vote matters.  If you’re a Libertarian you’ve got 3 options to choose from, if you’re a socialist democrat you’ve still got your guy.  There are people still running in this race that don’t meet the criteria that for some reason stuck us with only two candidates getting press and airtime.

It’s time to fight.  Fight for your country.  Our leader matters.  If you don’t like the options that the media tells you is available then start speaking out with your vote.  If you want a Libertarian or Socialist Democrat then write in your candidate.  Some may tell you it’s a “wasted vote” but it’s not.  Vote for the person you think is best, not the best of the worst, and the parties will have to listen to you.  They will adjust their platforms.  We are seeing this on the Republican ticket right now.  The Republican party will have to start changing it’s platform because the people are speaking.  Same goes for the Democrats.  We can still change this system.  Don’t just accept it.  Speak out and use your vote.  Vote for the best person.  Don’t give into the two party system because if you vote for someone outside of the two candidates then it will take a vote away.  It does speak volumes, use your right.  We the People need to take back our country.


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