At some point you have to just do it


Think.  Take the time to think and figure out who you are, where you’re going, who you want to be.  Think about what direction to take your business, which job you’d like.  Think about how you’d like to parent, train your dog, be remembered.  Read different training philosophies, workout regimens, diets. Listen to the podcasts on these topics, listen to the audiobooks, who knows, maybe even read the books on the topic.  Those things must be done, but at some point, take action.

We learn more by taking action and seeing what happens than we do with reading.  Thinking, reading and writing are very very important, but nothing trumps DOING.  There are ways to make sure that when you take action you are able to minimize a “worst case” scenario so be wise, but even if you’re not, you will learn exponentially by throwing yourself into the fray.

Ask yourself, “if this doesn’t go well, what’s the worst that will happen?”  Often times, the “worst” isn’t that bad, but the benefit we gain from attempting is where the immeasurable value lies.  If you’ve been thinking about something, say a new job, start dabbling in the job or industry you are looking in, whether it be during evenings, weekends or online.  Find a way to take action, you’ll find yourself more confident, more capable, more empowered.

Always be working to become a better person and developing your inner-self and make taking action part of that process.  Nike’s quote from years ago is so powerful in its simplicity “Just Do It”.  Make it happen.

Be better.


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