Be useful

For years, since my freshman year in college, I decided that running was my new thing.  And I’m so thankful that it was.  I found peace though running.  I found that I picked it up pretty well and pretty naturally.  I found that it made me want to eat better and helped me lose that “freshman 15” and maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle.  To this day, I love running.  I love the endorphins I get from running and the satisfaction of keeping the weight off.  It wasn’t until I did my first ever obstacle course race, a Spartan race in 2012, that I realized I was a wuss!  I couldn’t flip a tire to save my life and the burpees that I had to do because of it just destroyed me.  The next year, even with knots in the rope, I couldn’t climb the 20 foot rope to ring the bell, more burpees.  Since that time I’ve been working hard at maintaining my running but also building strength.  I’d forgotten the confidence that comes from being strong.  From being able to know that a silly rope isn’t something to be worried about.  That the ability to pull myself up on a bar or climb a wall is easy.

This quote speaks volumes for me.  I realized that being strong not only helps with my ability to run well in an OCR race but also just makes me more useful.  I’m able to spend a day doing yard work without regretting it for the next several days because I’m so sore.  It allows me to help a friend move and not worry about being sore the next day.  If you’re not already doing it, I implore you to start incorporating strength training into your routine.  If OCR is your goal then running is still the main skill you need to improve upon but find ways to build that upper body strength.  Not only will it help you in athletic endeavors but it will make you a more useful human being!

Be better.

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