Morning Routine

There are thousands of articles and books written about morning routines.  They are written for a reason.  They are so important and people still refuse to make them a habit.  Try a routine for 3 weeks.  I don’t care what the morning routine is, just something to where you aren’t waking up in a panic and rushing out the door.  Give it 3 weeks and tell me your life isn’t immeasurably more satisfying.  I posted a blog recently about the book The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod.  So simple but for me it was impactful because it gave structure to a routine.  The SAVERS, every morning.  Silence (meditation), Affirmations (these are a big deal), Visualization (also a big deal and something I’d never done), Exercise, Reading, Scribing (journaling, blogging, etc).  I do this routine nearly every morning, not in this order, and I love it.  I feel without direction on my way to work if I don’t get a chance to do the routine.  When I complete the routine I find myself focused, motivated, satisfied, and ready to make the day great.

The SAVERS may not speak to you the same way it did me, but do something.  Take advantage of those early hours when the house is quiet, the air is still, and it’s just you and the world.  Take that time and be better.


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