Stand FOR something

The important part of this phrase is the “for” part. It’s easy to stand up against something or someone. You hear it a lot during this election cycle, “I just don’t want Trump to be elected”, “I can’t stand Hilary”, “Republicans are bigots”, “Democrats are socialists”…and on it goes. I fall into this trap as well. Because it’s easy!  It takes no thought to sit in the bleachers and criticize the action on the field. It’s also not interesting. No one really cares that you don’t like Trump. What’s interesting is why you like Hilary. Or why you chose to homeschool or why you believe that John Elway is the second greatest quarterback of all-time and why you could actually make a compelling argument that he is in fact the greatest ever. 

It’s easy, especially with politics, to be against something. I challenge you to examine why you are for something. You will be forced to examine your philosophies and you will be more interesting. 

Be better. 


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  1. Sven says:

    Great blog, Joe, I look forward to reading it each morning! Great topic today too, it is easy to be a hater!!!

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    1. joegates52 says:

      Thank you for the kind words Sven! This topic was brought to my attention the other day when I was busted by a friend for basically just taking a stand against something and realized I had no stance to back up what I stood for.


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