Is visualization the “secret” we’ve been neglecting?

A few years ago I was convinced to watch The Secret.  I’m assuming that many of you reading this have either seen the movie, read the book, or get the idea.  The general idea is that if you focus, visualize, and put the energy of your desires into the universe that they will begin to manifest themselves into reality.  At that point in my life I scoffed, like most Americans, and looked at it as foo-foo “self-help” hippy Eastern stuff.  To a certain extent I do still catch myself thinking that way…and I do everything I can now to prevent that way of thinking.  I saw, in the movie, when the man says he had had a picture on his “dream board” of a house.  Years later, after success in his industry, he looked at that old board and realized he was living in that exact house.  Now, that may be true, but I have a hard time believing he discovered it later and that because he had it on his board that that somehow put it’s energy into the universe and it cosmically came to be.  However, as I’ve been growing my business and growing myself in many aspects of life, I am becoming much less of a skeptic and more of a believer in the power of visualization.

I have an audiobook by Joe Vitale that I listened to earlier this year.  To be honest, I had a very tough time listening to what he said and not scoffing and rolling my eyes.  What I found is that, during that period, when I was listening to his book and gave a few of his ideas of visualization a shot, I found myself having my most productive quarter ever in my business and truly on fire for life.  I am more and more a fan and a believer of the “what you focus on is what you will find” mantra.  While I’m personally not a big believer of “putting it out there into the universe” I am a big believer in energy.  When energy is going a certain direction I do think that you see a snowball effect.  And by the way that can be in a negative direction or a positive direction.  I think it’s vital to control your energy and to spend the time to visualize the positive things in life and the direction you wish to go.  If you’re unfamiliar with visualization just give it a try.  When you’re up early in the morning just close your eyes and try to use every sense to put yourself in your ideal state.  Where you believe you’d truly find contentment and happiness and focus on everything, the smells, the taste, the feel, the look, sound, the people around you, and so on.  It only takes 5 minutes.  Get lost in that world.  On a more short-term basis do the same for and upcoming client meeting, interaction with your spouse, your children, your parents.  Imagine the outcome before it ever happens.  I believe you will start to see positive results if you make this a daily practice.

So, is visualization the “secret” to success?  No, there is no secret to success.  But your chances will be much better if your energy is focused on what you truly desire.  So do it.


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