Keep moving

It’s tough this time of year.  The weather is getting nice, vacations are coming up, days are getting longer, kids are getting done with school, and the last thing you want to do is to be out there working, training hard, learning, reading, etc.  The temptation for me is to be outside.  In the words of Ariel, “I want to be where the people are”, I want to see my wife and kids, I want to be playing!  It’s easy to be motivated when the weather is grey, it’s raining or snowing, and the days are short.

Keep moving.  These are the times that all the improvements you’ve been working on either come to fruition or turn out to be a futile endeavor.  Moments like these are when you just need to put your head down, realize that life is long and you’re not missing out by cutting yourself short and giving in to the temptation to play.  Put your head down, work hard, work smart, and keep moving forward.  Use your time wisely and there will be plenty of time for play.

Keep moving.


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