Forget all or nothing

We’ve all done it.  Woke up in the morning or told ourselves the night before, that we would eat better, not have that dessert, not have that beer, do more work, etc.  Then comes the afternoon or evening slip up…. We have that cookie that a coworker brought to work, or we have that second beer, or we got tired and didn’t feel like doing the work.  Then what happens?  We tell ourselves, “Screw it.  Today’s a wash.  I’m going to go to town on the rest of these cookies and start over tomorrow.”  We’ve all don eit.  And it’s human instinct that we are giving into vs. fighting.  Our natural instinct is to consume calories, because until recent times in human evolution, we didn’t know where our next calories would come from.  The instinct to cut ourselves off and hold back is a new development and tough to maintain because it conridicts thousands of years of consuming all the energy we could.

Next time you slip up.  Just stop after that second cookie or beer.  Or do a little work instead of calling it a day and laying on the sofa.  There is no reason to jump down that rabbit hole and just “give in”.  Cut yourself some slack and just stop and keep going about your day.  In order to do that you have to love yourself enough to forgive yourself for giving into evolution and be able to keep moving.  It’s those little  decisions on a daily basis that make all the difference .


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