Knowledge is Potential Power

“Knowledge is power.”  A quote that I remember hearing several times growing up.  Always framed in the context of schooling and studying.  In the past, this may have been more relevant, but has the world has changed from factories and warehouses, to start-ups and businesses bent on interrupting the old guard, this phrase is losing its meaning at an exponential pace.  I think it was Napoleon Hill that stated that “knowledge isn’t power, it’s potential power.”  Meaning that knowledge is well and good, but without action it means nothing.  We all know those people that are philosophy kings.  They can sit and debate with you all day long.  They can tell you every reason, why a plan or system will not work.  Because they’ve studied it.  They’ve learned it.  They observe and store that knowledge.  All of these attributes are good and important, but are meaningless unless you take a shot at some point.  Many of these individuals hate their jobs, complain incessantly, are quite to point out the negative, and never take control of their lives by steering their knowledge in a positive direction and taking a risk.  Venturing into the scary unknown.  It’s the people that take the knowledge they’ve acquired through studying, observing, learning and finally end up taking that leap into the unknown and learn something from themselves from that experience that find true success and happiness.

There are  million programmers better than Steve Jobs.  Jobs was smart, no doubt he had attained a ton of knowledge.  But what made him successful is taking that leap beyond knowledge and starting a business.  Putting something out there that never existed before.  No amount of book knowledge in the world could predict the success or failure of the iPhone, but he took the leap.  Think about anyone you know that has experienced success in life over the long haul.  Not just financially, but in family life or their personal life.  More than likely they have taken massive action.  They put the work in and act on it.  I’ve got a friend that he and his wife commit to dates every single week.  They have an amazing relationship and it’s because they know what it takes to have a successful marriage and instead of talking about it or thinking about it they take action.  Don’t get caught up in “analysis by paralysis” at some point create your own version of the iPhone.  Leap into the unknown and learn on the fly.  You will live more fulfilled when you do.

Take action.




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