Make the leap

Many have experienced it. I know that I sure have. That moment, or those moments, when you’re so gripped with anxiety and fear that you’re almost paralyzed, in terms of taking actio. You chest gets tight, breathing is difficult, and you can literally the anxiety squeezing your insides. Often this anxiety is not much more than fear of the future. It’s fear of something that may or may not happen. It’s our lizard brain taking over and “protecting” us from something that may cause pain. All this to say, that it’s natural, our human instincts. What is not natural is to feel that fear and do it anyway. To take action despite the anxiety or fear.

Personally I’ve developed 3 ways of coping with and dealing with anxiety. The first way is by basically ignoring the fear and taking action. When I take action that stretches my comfort zone I find that I have to be hyper focused on that action and don’t have time to listen to the anxiety or fear. I’ve also found that the more I take action the more I am able to fight off that lizard brain instinct of laying in bed and sleeping it away. The second way I deal with fear/anxiety is to reach out and truly tell somebody how I feel about them and why I am grateful for them. I tend to start with family and work outward from there to friends and business partners, etc. for some reason this provides me with instant relief. Finally the third method I use is the one I find to be a little more tricky because if it’s not done right it can lead to increased anxiety. If done right then the fear will subside. It is to imagine and viualize the worst case scenario. Almost every time, it’s a painful reality but not nearly as bad as one may think. Certainly not as bad as someone in a suicidal state may feel. If you lose your job then you may lose your house, your credit score may suffer, you may lose face. However, if you continue to live people and treat them right then you will be okay. In this scenario you’ve got your health, your family, your morality and your humanity. Don’t give up on yourself. You are capable and great. Start to learn to take action during moments of fear and teach yourself to resist the temptation of the lizard brain.


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  1. Jay Colby says:

    Great post very insightful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joegates52 says:

      Thank you Jay. And thank you for reading.


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