Take time to get re-centered

A few months ago I accepted a challenge to myself to do a daily blog around the trilogy of being healthy, wealthy, and wise.  Lately, I haven’t been keeping up with the daily challenge.  I was feeling overwhelmed with work, life, training, and struggling to find a balance for it all.

I recently followed my own advice of taking action, to help alleviate some of the work stresses and training time.  But, I was still struggling to find that True North, that motivation that breeds hustle and focus.  It just so happened to coincide with at trip home.  I came here for a race, but also to take a little time office and avoid the office and focus on the important…people.  In this case, the most important people, family.  The first couple of days away I was in a funk.  Didn’t know what to do with myself when I was out of my up early, workout, work, family, repeat routine.  But, after those couple of days I have found it again.  My motivation, my True North, my thing that brings me back to center.  It’s being around family.  I have that motivation and fire back.

It took time.  I encourage all of you to take time, every now and again, to spend time with your family, or your close friends in which you have roots.  And give yourself a week.  The first few days are strange but then you will find those roots that build you up and make you you.

Get centered and back to the core of who you are.


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