Write your goals

I am terrible at goals.  I’ve got a million goals written down…somewhere.  I get inspired, write goals, begin working toward those goals, lose track of those goals, find the next inspiration, repeat.  Some people are great at goals.  They organize them, see them on a regular basis and consistently work toward those goals.  I find those people to be the exception, and God bless them, I wish and strive to be more like that.  I think it’s a goal and worthy of us all looking to be like that.  I find that when I regularly see my goals, talk about my goals, and work toward my goals that I am driven.  I wake up with that sense of purpose.  And it’s nothing new.  Every single business book talks about this, but few people execute on a consistent basis.  I find that there are a million people like me that struggle to consistently follow and write down goals.  So, there are two remedies to this.  First, take action and start doing what you know will be helpful.  That is writing down your goals, organizing them so that you see them, and stick to it.  Easier said than done for most people, but important to strive for this nonetheless. Second, know yourself.  Know your priorities and yourself and stay true to that.  That will put you on a path that you wish to go.  You may miss out on some of your goals, but you’ll be living your life.  Strive for the first, but always do the second.


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