Keep going…even when you just don’t want to

I’ve had those days or periods in time, and I’m assuming many of you have had them as well, when it’s just so hard to keep moving.  Either via a setback, stress, tiredness, laziness, or some other external factor that makes us want to stay in bed or veg out in front of the TV or open up that Facebook app for the 83rd time that day.  It’s hard, and sometimes a good nap will snap you out of it if you are sleep deprived, but often a nap or any of those other distractions just delays or puts off what needs to be done.  We all know what we “should” do or be doing that would make our lives better, but the pain of doing it now, outweighs the benefit we will receive later.  This is what makes or breaks us as adults, as contributors to society.  Being able to get up, turn off the app, shut off the TV and do it.  Put your head down, remember why you do what you do, whether it be to put food on the table, to build a business, to help out your spouse, or to be a good role model for your children, and do it.

Fake it til you make it is a good philosophy when it comes to many things in life.  Keep fighting through those periods and force motivation when motivation is lacking and eventually you’ll be back to living excited and motivated and get back to that state when you look forward to waking up.

If motivation is lacking today or for the past few days just get moving and fake it until the true motivation returns.  Remember why you are doing it.


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