You don’t have to give in

I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it.  We stick to a fairly good eating regimen, until we don’t.  We wake up and tell ourselves, “Okay, no more sugar, pasta, or soda.”  Then evening comes around and someone offers you a soda or made pasta for dinner.  We eat the pasta and then count the day as a loss and start going to town; ice cream for dessert, maybe a couple glasses of wine after that, maybe a little more ice cream, one last glass of wine, then off to bed.  It’s so easy to just give in to that temptation to just throw the day away and binge.  Weakness is going to happen.  That doesn’t mean you have to go with it.  Allow yourself the “screw up” of having the pasta with your family, or having the donut at work, but then stop it.  Say to yourself “Dang, I wish I hadn’t have had that because now I’m tired,” or whatever it is you feel but then get back on track.

Giving in doesn’t have to mean throwing in the towel.  Allow yourself to screw up, and then stop it.  Health is about a bazillion small choices every single day to not give in and to reverse course.  If you have the soda, drink a glass of water next and remind yourself how clean that feels compared to the soda and keep moving forward.  It’s a martahon, not a sprint, if you mess up a little bit then it’s not a big deal at all.  Keep moving forward.  Love yourself enough and respect yourself enough to make that decision to allow the small slips and get yourself back on track.  You can do it.


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