What is a wasted vote?

Dear Reader,

I am utterly confused.  Growing up in Idaho and living in Eastern Washington, I have a lot of friends on the right.  Now, living in Western Washington, I have a lot of friends on the left.  My friends on the right by-and-large are not fans of Trump, but they all hate Hillary.  My friends on the left aren’t big fans of Hillary but REALLY don’t want Trump.  The #neverHillary crowd plays all the videos of her outright lying to the American people, the same people she’s asking votes from, on an endless loop.  Even many on the left cannot explain away her outright lies.  The #neverTrump crowd cannot stand his brashness and will show countless examples of his statements being inflammatory and accusations of racism and misogyny.  Even many in his own party are looking to overthrow him as we speak at the upcoming convention.  We have two of the most hated candidates in the history of our country.  But…there are other candidates.  Take your pick, Libertarian, Green Party, Constitution Party, Independent, etc.  Yet, as you enter into a conversation with someone complaining about how horrible the top two candidates are and broach the subject of voting for a third party or a different candidate you will likely get the all to common response of “I’d rather not waste my vote.  I’d rather have Trump/Hillary in office that the other so I can’t vote for a third party and risk Trump/Hillary being elected.”  They were just complaining about how terrible they both are.  How does this make sense?

Please, I am trying to understand, tell me how voting for someone you think is a terrible person, or even not the best person for the job, just so that the other person won’t get elected is not wasting your vote and voting for the person you think is best for the job is a wasted vote.  Where in life do we make those same compromises?  If you vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, for example, it doesn’t take votes away from Trump or Hillary.  It’s a vote for Johnson, simple as that.  There has never, in my lifetime, been a better chance to vote for a third party.  Both candidates are terrible in my opinion so I don’t care if one of them wins the election.  They will both be terrible in different ways.  And it won’t be because I voted for someone else.  The loser won’t have won because they didn’t convince enough people that they were worthy.  That’s on them, not the voter that chose to exercise their right and use their vote, not waste, on a candidate worthy of their vote.  To vote for someone not worthy to lead is a waste of a vote.  To vote for someone that you truly don’t value their philosophy is a waste of a vote.  To vote for one of the top two because the two parties dictate our democracy, just because they have the best chance of being elected, is a waste of a vote.

Now, if you truly think Hillary or Trump is the best person for the job then God bless you and exercise your vote.  If not, then find the candidate out there that does speak for you and that you wish to rule our government.  Don’t waste your vote.

And please comment here because I truly do not understand the “wasted vote” comment or argument.


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  1. rmoults says:

    Joe, well said. Being from Yakima, WA, (east side of the mountains, and hence not part of King County) my vote literally hasn’t mattered for many, many years as far as the president is concerned. Our state votes as King County votes, which is always democratic. So I see a great opportunity to vote for someone else this year, to make a statement to our country that things are not just black and white/republican and democrat. Thanks for your thoughts.


    1. joegates52 says:

      Thank you for reading and for your input Ryan! I agree with you a million percent (if that’s possible). I believe a wasted vote is one in which you vote for someone you don’t think is the best person for the job. Worst case scenario, your person loses the election, but the message is sent to both parties as to what voters want. Then we will either see the two major parties adjust their platforms or the rise of another party to be relevant.


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