What I missed about the daily blog

Earlier this year I started on a mission, inspired by the great daily blogger Seth Godin, to start writing a blog on a daily basis.  The first step was to get over myself and be okay with people reading it and judging my thoughts, takes on things and overall content.  It was a little difficult at first but within the first week I had cleared that hurdle and was okay with my thoughts being out there, after all that’s why I started the blog.  The part I hadn’t anticipated and didn’t really truly grasp, until I stopped, was how the blog made me start to think.  In my day job and throughout my days I do a lot of thinking and doing and moving and reading, etc.  But I realized I didn’t very often take the time to truly think about thinking.  I know, totally meta, but it’s true.  When I was actively doing the blog I had to think about things and really examine my thought process and discover what I truly thought about certain topics.  I’m great at having a surface opinion but when pressed often times my opinion starts to fall apart.

Some people get to this process by journaling and that’s great, I do that some too, but for me it was the process of putting my thoughts and opinions out there that allowed me to develop and solidify my stances on topics that I’d write about.  I found that I missed it and I needed that.  I’m not sure why I stopped.  I think I started by taking a day off here or there.  Then one day turned to a few days, then vacations, business, excuse, excuse, excuse happened.  I need this modality.  And I’m still not sure the final directions this blog will take but for now it will be a focus on the healthy, wealthy, and wise, all things that I truly care about.  I’d like to narrow it down a bit as time goes on but for now, it’s a start.  Time to start thinking and pondering and searching again.


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