Learn from others, don’t try to be others

When I think about this or speak about this it is typically in a business mindset but, like many lessons I’ve learned through business, it translates to all aspects of life.  There a lot of people I very much respect in the business world and I follow their blogs, social media, read their books, and watch their movies.  And they help me.  They drive me, they motivate me, they inspire me.  I’ve learned a lot from them and continue to do so and will always seek out inspiration from others.  What I have learned is that I need to always be self-aware when I am seeking wisdom or inspiration from outside sources.  There are times when I catch myself trying to be them.  Trying to replicate their personality, their speaking style, or their posture.  And I am now self-aware enough to feel it in my bones that I am forcing something that isn’t me.  It’s exhausting.  If you’ve ever played house with your kids or acted in a play you know how tough it is to stay in character and how much you look forward to being done after a while.  The same is true in life and business.  You will always come back to who you are to the core.  So build around your core.  Find those motivators in all areas of life and figure out how to use what you’ve learned to compliment you vs you trying to fit into a mold of what you’ve built up in your mind that you should be.  You will find it more sustainable and people are naturally drawn to authenticity.  Be you and build up you.  Don’t change you.


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