Emotions will cause you to lose

Emotions.  So important to acknowledge and understand but even more important to be in control of.  I was reminded of this tonight.  My 7 year old daughter stayed up too late, my fault because I had to watch my Broncos lose to the stinking Chargers, and was overly emotional and tired.  I attempted our regular bedtime routine to no avail as emotions were all over the place.  Going potty was an event in and of itself.  My daughter can throw fits.  And she does.  Often.  Too often.  And too often I get caught up in them and afterward reflect and realize exactly where she’s learned that behavior and why she does it.  It’s me.  My emotions get the best of me.  It’s a work in progress and tonight was one in which I am reflecting upon.  Because I didn’t lose my cool.  I didn’t let emotion dictate my behavior as an, oh say a 7 year old girl, would.  I let her throw her fit and when she pulled away from me I didn’t grab her arm and pull her to me.  Where I almost reacted was when I sent her to her room with no story time.  She was good, for the most part.  Until she started doing what she knew would push my buttons and hurt my feelings.  She took apart the picture in her room of her and I and put it outside her door for me to see.  She knew what she was doing.  And it worked.  I felt the rise of hurt, turning to anger rising up.  But, being conscious of my emotions and experimenting with something new just picked up the picture and put it on my dresser.  Then I wrote a letter to her explaining how she hurt my feelings and ending to explaining I will always love her anyway.  3 minutes later a letter from her was slid under her door.  A note saying, “I’m sorry” with a picture of a girl crying on it.  I walked into her room to find my letter taped to her wall (which she isn’t supposed to do, but I let is slide) and we had a great moment.  5 minutes later she was asleep in her bed.

Emotions are important to understand.  As adults and parents we must show our kids, co-workers, and friends how to acknowledge emotions but not let them drive decisions or actions.  If emotions drive actions then you’ve lost.  Learn to master your emotions.


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  1. Sven says:

    EMOTIONS- I love this one, it definitely rings true at our house too. I am always trying to improve on not loosing it and reacting to the boys and their emotions!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joegates52 says:

      Thank you Sven! I’m glad I’m not the only one. For some reason it was a big light bulb moment for me.


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