Work with purpose

Why do you wake up early, get dressed nice, leave your family, and go to work every day?  Likely to provide for said family.  Or to support your activities.  To move up the corporate ladder.  To reach a goal.  We all have various reasons for working.  But what gets you up every day to do it?  For years I’ve gone through motions and found a lot of satisfaction in working hard.  I would come home after a day of work and feel proud of the work I did.  Now that I reflect back on it though.  What was I doing?  I was working, but for what?  I was following instructions and doing them well.  My saving grace is that I was young and didn’t stay at those jobs long.  I think I would have easily slunk into one of those dreary “gotta go to work” phases had I stuck with any of those jobs for years and years.  The last few years I’ve started figuring out what my purpose is at work.  Both long term and day to day.  Often times at the end of the day I will take a few notes of what I accomplished, just to remind myself.  The big game changer for me was the habit of writing down 3 things that I feel are the most important tasks tomorrow that will make our company the best, make our clients happy, and make our company profitable.  I liken it to going from not having a baby to having a baby.  Your life is great pre-baby.  You get to stay out late, sleep in, travel, spend time with your spouse.  And then the baby comes.  Your life changes.  It’s often not as glamorous but there’s this crazy sense of satisfaction and contentment.  I liked my work life before working for a purpose but once I started doing it and focusing on my purpose I have much more satisfaction in my work.  What’s your purpose for working today?



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