It’s about where you are going

I was having lunch with a friend last week and we were talking about our kids, life, business, families and the whole bit.  It’s funny how you can do things that you know are good for you and you don’t realize why or how until you start talking out loud to people.  Hence, the importance of community.  We were talking about past lives and where we are at today.  The subject of this blog came up.  I’ve known that I like to do it because it forces me to think about things vs. just cruising through life.  As I was explaining this to my friend it dawned on me that I don’t want to end up looking back at the last few months/years and wonder “How did I get here?”.  I’d much rather be asking “Where am I going?” along the way.  And for me that’s what the blog does.  That’s what my morning routine does.  Make sure you’re asking yourself if you’re currently in a state of “Where am I going?” or “How did I get here?”  The difference my seem subtle, but it’s huge.


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